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AMG launches a more expensive Mercedes kick

Nov 23, 2023Nov 23, 2023

The Mercedes performance brand AMG is now launching an electric kick-scooter with its own branding. Just like the version that Mercedes-Benz already presented in 2020, the AMG-Mercedes scooter involves cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems. But AMG's scooter is more expensive.

The foldable e-scooter branded by AMG has an output of 500 watts and a speed of 20 km/h. The 9.6 Ah battery enables a range of up to 40 kilometres. While the Mercedes electric scooter is currently available in the German online shop for 1,199.90 euros, the AMG version costs 200 euros more, i.e. 1,399.90 euros. The difference lies in the battery: although the model with Mercedes-Benz branding now also has an output of 500 watts (at its premiere in 2020, it was still 250 watts), it can only travel around 25 kilometres on one battery charge.

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