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Cyrusher Ebike Model Makes Its Debut at (e) Revolution

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08 Jun, 2023, 04:39 ET

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LOGAN, Utah, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, the first international electric bicycle trade show will be held June 8th-11th, 2023. Cyrusher, a well-known electric bicycle manufacturer, will be one of the exhibitors to showcase the latest Cyrusher products at booth 6603, providing more cutting-edge information and advanced technology demonstrations about electric bicycles.

About (e)Revolution

(e)Revolution is the first national e-bike trade show in the United States, providing a networking platform for e-bike producers, dealers and suppliers, and most importantly, bicyclists. Denver, one of the nation's most bike-friendly cities with 850 miles of urban bike trails in the metro area, is a perfect fit with the spirit of the City Outdoors Urban Adventure brand. (e)Revolution is a comprehensive platform that not only offers retailers a place to showcase their products and technical expertise but also enables consumers to get a hands-on experience with different ebike models, participate in interactive demonstrations, and exchange experiences with more enthusiasts. It's the perfect way to learn more about ebikes and find the best one for you.

In the outdoor recreation industry, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular due to favorable legislation and society's attempts to reduce carbon emissions.

"With sales expected to double in the next five years, eBikes are one of the fastest growing outdoor recreation markets," said Lance Camisasca, (e)revolution Show Director. "(e)revolution addresses the need for innovative eBikes brands and suppliers to take advantage of this future growth by providing a venue where they can engage directly with both retailers and consumers in an industry-wide event."

Cyrusher Products Preview

Cyrusher will showcase its flagship products and demonstrate diverse mobility solutions. The showcase will provide an interactive platform for attendees to explore and learn about the company's products. Visitors will be able to interact with engineers on-site and take part in bike test rides for a more intuitive riding experience. In addition, the Cyrusher team will be on hand to guide the introduction of specific information about the charging and operation of e-bikes, assisting consumers in learning more about electrified riding.

Classic Models on the exhibition

Ranger All terrain electric bike

Trax Step-through All terrain electric bike

Ovia Step-through All terrain electric bike

Kommoda Step-through electric bike

New sights on the exhibition

Scout Wider seat electric bike

A new Scout electric bike, which has yet to be announced on the official website, will also be unveiled during this event. Scout is a wide saddle model developed to give riders a more pleasant riding experience by incorporating comments from Cyrusher riders. Riders will experience an enjoyable riding experience with powerful performance parameters.

Cyrusher has always focused on the emerging trend for the future of electrification, following the movement of the times, hoping to provide consumers with better quality electrified personal mobility products to influence more consumers, thus contributing to the pace of green building in cities. As the world works towards an electrified future, Cyrusher looks forward to taking e-bikes to a broader area and demonstrating how electric power can reduce emissions and combat climate change, enabling the public to build a more livable and equitable community.

(e)Revolution helps build a more comprehensive industry network for the e-bike industry, providing national face-to-face events for retailers, suppliers, etc., colliding new inspiration for information technology exchanges and enabling more consumers to experience the joy of electric mobility for an empowered green society.

About Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a reputable producer of electric bicycles for professionals that have been successfully marketed in more than 10 nations worldwide. The brand's electric bicycles pass rigorous international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC requirements. Additionally, Australia, China, the EU, Japan, Korea and the USA have registered and approved the brand. An offline store test-ride service has also been introduced in a number of nations, including the USA, UK and France. Cyrusher will keep expanding its range of vehicles to satisfy the needs of more riders, offering a solution for zero-carbon, fast and convenient urban commuting.

Don't miss out on the location information:Exhibits date: Thur, June 8, 2023 - Sun, June 11, 2023Cyrusher Booth: #6603Exhibits highlight: Cyrusher Fat Tire Electric Bike (Ranger, Kommoda, Ovia, Trax and Scout)

If you're interested in Cyrusher specialized electric bikes, you can find more information about Cyrusher at the following links.

Cyrusher Contact:

US official website: www.cyrusher.comUK official website: official website: www.cyrusher.frGerman official website: www.cyrusher.dePhone: (800) 778-0116Email: [email protected]

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