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Power Wash Tycoon Codes (May 2023)

Jun 16, 2023Jun 16, 2023

Check out the latest codes for Power Wash Tycoon, a Roblox game all about cleaning and building! Redeem these working codes for boosts and cash.

We checked for new codes in April 2023.

Welcome to Power Wash Tycoon! This is a classic Roblox tycoon game (you build as you go), but it also throws power washing into the mix. As you clean you'll unlock new parts of the mansion, and they're all filthy! You can upgrade your set-up with some fancy cars, or eventually unlock the second mansion that also needs a total wash.

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We check for new Power Wash Tycoon codes daily - that just means you'll always find the most recent rewards here, and we check that they're working.




Free cash!


25k cash to get you started

Roblox codes are case-sensitive - that just means you need to copy the codes exactly as they appear above, including capital letters, punctuation, and numbers, otherwise the code will not work when you try to redeem it.


Infinite tank boost for 25 minutes


Infinite tank boost for 25 minutes

Code not working? We've checked that these codes work, so make sure that you have copied the codes from our table. If that still doesn't work, the code might be expired, which means you'll need to come back soon to get some more freebies.

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Power Wash Tycoon codes are rewards given out by the developers of the game, the team at Small World Games. They are usually released for new like milestones, updates, and seasonal events, but because the game is still new there haven't been too many codes. New codes have been promised by the devs, though. Typically, these codes can be redeemed for cash or infinite power wash tank buffs which means you can keep washing for longer!

New codes are usually posted in the game's Discord server, but if you want to easily find the codes all in one place, we put them in our table and check regularly for new codes.

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