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Oct 07, 2023Oct 07, 2023

Following collaborations with CultureFly and NEIGHBORHOOD, Super73 is back with another electric motorbike partnership with Yuta Hosokawa‘s READYMADE.

The retro SG1 model used for the collaboration is a street-legal e-bike capable of running up to speeds of more than 28 miles per hour within seconds. The lithium-ion battery delivers 250 watts and can power the bike for up to 45 miles. Inspired by TV shows and dramas that Hosokawa watched in his youth, the frame is accented in bright teal and orange hues with cream and white tones spread across the aluminum handlebar frame and low-profile seating. Additional design highlights include hydraulic brakes, dual suspension, new LED head and tail lights, and wide off-road tires.

The READYMADE x Super73 e-bike is set to release via select READYMADE locations on June 6. No helmet, driver's license, or license plate registration is required to drive. More information on Super73 can be found here.

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