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Woman recalls sprint for safety, fear after high

Nov 17, 2023Nov 17, 2023

MILWAUKEE — For years, Oletta Tyler enjoyed sitting outside her home at the end of the path that meets the sidewalk. There, she said, children often drew with chalk and raced on scooters.

This week, she was nearly struck by an SUV speeding along that sidewalk near 24th and Capitol. Now, she's afraid to leave her porch.

"It was just so much feeling going through me that day," said Tyler. "It could've been my neighbor's child, because he was just out here too."

Milwaukee Police said they were chasing an SUV Monday evening that was possibly connected to an armed robbery. After the driver crashed into a tree just outside Tyler's home, police said they arrested two boys — a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old.

Police said they recovered guns and illegal narcotics and discovered the car was stolen.

We asked police about their pursuit policy, and why they continued to chase once the SUV had left the road and was driving along a sidewalk and on lawns.

Police responded that the safety of community members and officers is "paramount" and "the dangers of pursuing a vehicle are considering [Sic] during each pursuit."

Tyler said before the crash, she heard sirens, saw the car, and had just enough time to get up.

"I've never ran so fast before in my life. I hid behind my garbage can. That's what [Sic] I was doing that," said Tyler.

Tyler said she hasn't seen a child playing on the sidewalk since the crash. And, she said, she feels lucky that she'll still be able to hold and see her 14 grandchildren again.

"They're out here killing innocent people, hurting innocent people. Raise your kids better. Because it could've been my life," said Tyler.

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