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Dutch electric motorcycle manufacturer SOLID launches new electric moped SOLID MX

Sep 27, 2023Sep 27, 2023

SOLID EV Rides (The Netherlands) was initially established in 2016 as NXT Motors and has been triggering us with several concepts over the past years. Since my first visit at their pop-up workshop in Herenveen in August 2017, the company launched several electric motorbike prototypes after multiple successful financing campaigns.

Guy Salens – THE PACK: "NXT ONE was a mix between a fully electric naked bike and café racer concept – still one of the nicest electric cafe racers I have ever seen. In February 2019, they presented a redesigned full carbon fibre prototype, named NXT RAGE, at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht.

The team from SOLID has ever since been working on the development of electric motorbikes under the supervision of Harm Besseling, SOLID's co-founder and head of technical development. In 2021, the company brought a bold and extravagant design to market, a concept of a self-carrying – so called monocoque – frame. This premium level electric motorbike was achieved through in-house development and collaborations, as well as premium material selection. It was clear that SOLID was targeting a specific audience for their new creation."

In order to stay ahead of the ever-evolving two-wheeled electric vehicle industry, SOLID shifted its focus and released their very first production model: the SOLID MX electric moped. This new addition follows the "less is more" principle while packing a powerful punch with a top speed of 45 km/h and the use of advanced in-house engineering solutions.

David Backx – Marketing Manager SOLID: "We’re convinced that this uniquely designed LEV will create a whole new clientele — SOLID seeks to engage an audience that desires something different from the norm. Speaking of design, its elements perfectly reflect the company's name. It was crafted with heavy-duty materials, such as steel for its frame and artificial leather for its resistant saddle that can hold up against any weather condition."

The future of our mobility is electric. Let's not make it boring.




The SOLID MX electric moped can be obtained directly from their website, with a price tag of €5,850 incl. VAT. However, they also plan to set up a dealer network with a first stop in The Netherlands, where they have partnered with Electric Motorbikes Nederland. An event is being planned for the Automotive Campus in Helmond (not far from Eindhoven) – more information will follow soon.

SOLID is not only interested in individual consumers; the company also want to provide their electric vehicles and services to fleets and larger companies. Accessories can be added to the vehicles, making them ideal for last-mile delivery and courier service. Companies or organizations can reach out regarding offering their employees an alternative mobility solution. As a bonus, the side panels of the SOLID MX can be customized with logos, colours or other personalized flair.

For clients wanting daily mobility options, the SOLID MX is a perfect solution: its battery allows for a range of 80-140 km depending on terrain, driving style, and weather conditions.

Guy Salens – THE PACK: "We have one of the first production models that was produced in The Netherlands. We will publish our test review about this new Dutch moped in a few weeks."

All pictures SOLID MX ©THE PACK

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.

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