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This electric motorcycle Terra Prime from TERRA BIKES is hand

Sep 24, 2023Sep 24, 2023

At the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dylan (US) and his fiance sought refuge in southern Utah with his parents. During their stay, they grew crops, explored slot canyons on foot, biked on terrain trails, and experimented building electric bikes from assorted parts. Unsatisfied with the results, this prompted Dylan to create the Terra Bike – a low-powered motorcycle.

The company is headquartered in Colorado where its frames are assembled in the Rocky Mountains. Dylan's mission for Terra: "We want to create the most accessible electric motorcycle available. Our bikes use standard axle sizes and common mountain bike components so they can be easily replaced or upgraded. We also prioritize quality by incorporating metal elements throughout our design."

The Terra is a low-powered vehicle, like a moped or 50cc bike (less than 4.5 kW). Depending on where you live in the U.S., it may only require a driver's license; check your state requirements for more information. It has lights, indicators, horn and brake lights – all up to DOT standard – meaning all you need to do to get it registered is book it in with your local highway patrol for an inspection.

FrameThe core of the build is its frame, made from 1″ 4130 Chromoly tubing; a tough and durable material that encases a sealed 5052 Aluminum battery box.

MotorAn electric mid-drive motor shifts an efficient 420 chain to a 58T rear gear, allowing for both impressive hill climbing capabilities and a modest top speed of 55mph. The direct chain drive ensures smooth and reliable power transfer.

SuspensionThis motorbike, with 8″ of front suspension and 6″ in the rear, was designed specifically for riding in Colorado's mountain terrain. It features a progressive 3:1 spring ratio to provide a controlled and comfortable ride.

BatteryThe base model comes equipped with a 42ah72V lithium battery, providing ample power for both off-road excursions and regular commutes. An even higher capacity 65ah battery is also available to give you a longer run time.

ControllerThe three modes on the controller provide you with maximum control over your ride and ensure that you stay safe. Choose mode 1 for safe neighborhood rides, mode 2 for city commuting, or 3 for desert hill-climbs.

ElectricalYou can rest assured, knowing that all the lights are approved by DOT regulations which allows you to ride both on and off-road without any legal hindrances. The head, tail and indicator lights draw power from the 12V main battery pack, so there's only one battery to take care of.

Full specifications can be find at the website of Terra Bikes >All pictures ©Terra Bikes

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.

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