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Gojek partners Dat Bike to roll out electric motorbikes ride

Oct 05, 2023Oct 05, 2023

Gojek, an Indonesia-based mobile on-demand multi-service platform, has partnered with Dat Bike, a Vietnam-based electric vehicle start-up, to pilot the use of electronic motorbikes to serve the transportation, logistics and food delivery needs of Gojek users in Vietnam.

This makes Gojek the first technology company in Vietnam to pilot Dat Bike electric vehicles, as well as the first platform to pilot mobility services via electric motorbike to users in Vietnam, both parties said in a statement.

As part of the agreement, Dat Bike will provide Gojek driver-partners with access to Dat Bike Weaver++ motorbikes for use when fulfilling GoRide, GoFood, and GoSend orders on the Gojek platform.

Using Dat Bike Weaver++ bikes, Gojek's driver-partners can save up to 4 times on fuel costs, versus internal combustion engine (ICE) motorbikes, enabling them to save on operating costs whilst helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Dat Bike's Weaver++ can be fully charged in just 3 hours.

With a top speed of 90km/h and a range of 200km on a full charge – Gojek driver-partners can enjoy efficient performance ensuring they can maintain their earnings.

Drivers can charge their Dat Bike battery for free at tens of community charging points in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, Weaver++ is also equipped with a fast charging port so that it can quickly charge the first 100km in 1 hour at any household electrical outlet and in just 20 minutes at Dat Bike's fast charging station.

The Dat Bike Weaver++ is uniquely equipped with a powerful 7000W engine and tubeless tires, making the bikes easy to maneuver, and limiting the risk of punctures which might cause inconvenience to the drivers.

The single fork design of the electric vehicle and large saddle also provides a smooth and comfortable experience for Gojek driver-partners and their passengers.

"This project is part of Dat Bike's ambition of converting all gasoline motorbikes to electric motorbikes in Vietnam and Southeast Asia," said Son Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer of Dat Bike.

According to him, those driving for technology platforms account for a large number of people who use motorbikes quite frequently.

"Through this pilot, Dat Bike aims to persuade more users, including tech platform drivers, about the power and convenience that electric motorbikes can offer. It also aims to accelerate the transition to greener transportation for a better environment," he added.

Sumit Rathor, General Manager of Gojek Vietnam, said Vietnam is an important market for Gojek, and the group's aim is to continue to provide users with impactful solutions that support the sustainable growth of our partners and deliver quality, and convenient services at an affordable price.

"Partnerships like this are incredibly important and will benefit our entire ecosystem, helping us to deliver even greater value for all our users while creating a positive impact on the community in which we operate," he said.

In-line with GoTo Group's "Three Zeros by 2023" commitment, he said the partnership with Dat Bike is an important step on this journey and supports the group's efforts in helping Gojek cut its emissions and transition its fleet to 100 percent EVs.

"This partnership also enables us to join hands with the government's common goal of reducing emission, contributing to the sustainable future of Vietnam," he added.

From 18 May 2023, Gojek users will have a chance to enjoy GoRide, GoFood, and GoSend services on Dat Bike electric motorbikes, which are compact, quiet, and emission-free.

Founded in 2019, Dat Bike is a Vietnamese electric bike manufacturing company.

Realizing that the EVs in Vietnam are mostly imported from China, which come in a variety of models but have low battery life, capacity and speed, Dat Bike aims to create 100 percent made-in-Vietnam electric bikes with enough functionality to meet the needs of most users.

Since its establishment, Dat Bike has launched three versions of electric motorbikes, the Weaver, Weaver 200 and Weaver++.

Until the end of 2022, Dat Bike successfully raised $16.5 million, opened branches in all three regions of Vietnam.

Dat Bike has sets its ambition to become a leading Vietnamese manufacturer of electric vehicles, contributing to greenifying the $25 billion two-wheeler market in Southeast Asia.

Gojek is GoTo Group's on-demand services platform and a pioneer of the multi-service ecosystem model, providing access to a wide range of services including transportation, food delivery, logistics and more.

The company was first established in 2010 focusing on courier and motorcycle ride-hailing services, before launching its app in January 2015 in Indonesia.

Since then, Gojek has grown to become the leading on-demand platform in Indonesia, with additional operations in Vietnam and Singapore.

The Gojek platform now comprises over 2.7 million driver partners across the region.

Gojek is part of the GoTo Group, the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia, consisting of Gojek, Tokopedia and GoTo Financial.

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