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THE PACK tested the new SOLID MX from SOLID EV Rides

Oct 09, 2023Oct 09, 2023

Whenever we took the SOLID MX moped on the road, the first response was usually something close to, "What in the world is this?" Following our initial review on it, people seemed to either love this bike or hate it; there was no middle ground.

When I had my first glimpse of the SOLID MX during the design phase last year, I knew it was something special. This has been true for every one of the company's prototypes. This bike lives up to SOLID EV Rides’ reputation of producing "no boring vehicles".

Getting on the MX proves to be a little adventure in itself as its seat height is 86 cm. All that needs to be done to switch on the bike is turning the small key in place about one-quarter turn and the display lights up and headlight does a little light show (we have footage of it!).

The SOLID MX is an ideal urban ride for anyone who wants to explore the city and get away from it all at the same time.

OK. So, let's talk about a moped. It's not just for urban riding — it can also handle offroad trips. But before all of you let out a collective gasp, this isn't an enduro or motocross bike like some of the more hardcore ones. You can have some fun on sandy roads and in the forest with it, though. The MX runs quietly due to its brushless DC hub motor (those who appreciate the quiet of the woods will thank you), and all that's heard is the sound of the Kenda all road tires rolling over the road. The battery is ample, rated at 3.3 kilowatt-hours and 48 volts, giving the moped a range of up to 140 kilometers (depending on terrain, driving style and weather conditions). A full charge (0% > 100%) with the 10 Ampere charger, supplied as standard, takes 6 hours.

The steel frame and heavy-duty metal parts give off (sometimes) a structured creaking, quite unlike what one would expect from plastic materials. Seeing it all together brings home its new concept for mobility, and people were turning their heads everywhere we went, asking questions about it.

Guy: "It's easy to ride, no need for a clutch or gears … just twist the throttle and you’re off. The original model had a slow start and took a few seconds to accelerate, which wasn't thrilling for me. I talked to Harm (CTO) about it, and he said they’d update the software for instant power. After that adjustment, I got an awesome response from the throttle. Within seconds, you’ll reach the top speed of 45 km/h and you can always be ahead at traffic lights (now that's fun!).

This model was made with a young client audience in mind. Guy: "The MX looks like a motorbike and has a rebel-style minimalistic design; electric mopeds these days are getting too boring – Perhaps Dutch electric motorcycle manufacturers dare a little more in their design?





Dealer network

The SOLID MX electric moped can be purchased directly from SOLID EV Rides’ website for the price of €5,995 incl. VAT. Furthermore, they are planning to open a dealer network in The Netherlands. Electric Motorbikes Nederland is partnering with them, and there will be an event held in September near Eindhoven at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. More information on this event will be released soon.

Test rides are already possible: contact Gert-Jan Rongen from Electric Motorbikes Nederland for more information: [email protected]

THE PACK's conclusion

Its upright riding position and wide steering wheel makes it effortless to get around corners and I like the dual-concept of the bike. This moped is perfect for urban riding or taking on trails into the wild.

Classic mopeds will always have a special place in people's hearts, but I can imagine that younger generations might want something a little different. If I were sixteen again today, I’d be overjoyed to find the SOLID MX in stores. It's one of a kind and allows riders to express their individualism.

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.

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